Sponsors and Affirming Ministries


St. Andrew’s is active in reaching out to people in South Calgary (and beyond) through its Regional Ministries. Regional Ministries works in partnership with other churches and agencies that are providing life-giving and holistic programs for people and the community. As a people who follow the way of Jesus, St. Andrew’s Regional values working and creating relationships that seek to improve the well-being of people and their community.

Rev. Joel Den Haan, Consulting Director of Regional Ministries

Affirming Ministries

Deer Park United Church
Sunday Service @ 10:00am
77 Deerpoint Rd SE
Rev. Tom Melvin

Hillhurst United Church
Sunday Services @ 9:05am & 10:45am
1227 Kensington Close NW
Rev. Dr. John Pentland – Lead Minister
Rev. Sheena Trotter-Denis

Knox United Church
Sunday Service @ 10:30am
506 4 St SW
Rev. Dr. David Holmes
Rev. Dr. Greg Glat

Living Spirit United Church
Sunday Service @ 10:30am
629 49 Ave SW
Rev. Paul Mullen

Parkdale United Church
Sunday Service @ 10:30am
2919 – 8 AVE. NW
Rev. Dr. Murray Laverty

Scarboro United Church
Sunday Service @ 10:30am
134 Scarboro Avenue SW
Rev. Lee Spice

St. Andrew’s United Church
Sunday Service at Deer Park United @ 10:30am
1 – 10601 Southport Rd. SW
Rev. Jim Kenney

St. Thomas United Church
Sunday Service @ 10:00am
100 Hawkwood Boulevard NW
Rev. Tracy Robertson, Rev. Justin McNeill

Symons Valley United Church
Sunday Service @ 10:30am
38 Kincora Rise NW
Vicki McPhee, DM

Wild Rose United Church
Sunday Service @ 10:00am
1317 1 Street NW
Rev. Geoffrey Simmins


McDougall United Church
8516 Athabasca Street SE
Calgary, AB, T2H 1B4
Rev. Joanne Anquist
Rev. Bob Mutlow

Robert McClure United Church
5510 26 Ave NE
Calgary, AB, T1Y 6S1
Rev. Kelly Osgood

Red Deer Lake United Church
96187 178 Avenue West
Foothills, AB, T1S 2R9
Rev. Nicholas Coates