Feedback from the Fall Survey

Recently, we asked participants of Calgary Queer Church how they found the worship experience. We collected these results online and in person at the October reflection service. In total, there were 16 respondents.

The majority of respondents were between the ages of 35 and 44. We also had a lot of respondents aged 25-34 (2), 55-64 (3) and 65-74 (3).

Most respondents have attended CQC 5 or more times (9). Many respondents had attended 2-4 times (4).

 There were a variety of things people said they enjoyed about CQC:

  • Reflections (10)
  • Our music team (10)
  • Fellowship time/the opportunity to meet new people (9)
  • The snacks (8)
  • Community support (6)
  • Contemplative practices and meditation (3)

Here are the kinds of worship music you said you liked to listen to, and what you said about our music team!

  • Contemporary worship music
  • Traditional gospel music
  • Selections from voices united
  • Acapella singing
  • Traditional hymns
  • “Michelle and Sandra have taught me the value of their kind of music, quite different from United Church music. I have it in my head a lot now.”

What are themes you would like to see explored in upcoming reflections?

  • Relationships and dating
  • Everyday living themes
  • Mental Illness
  • LGBTQ and faith from different perspectives
  • Prayer and meditation
  • What it means to be a person of faith
  • The difference between affirming churches and traditional churches viewing sins and relationships
  • More personal sharing
  • Angels among us
  • Relating scripture to current events

Here are some suggestions people had for Calgary Queer Church’s future services!

  • Communion service-because of your suggestions, we have scheduled two communion services for the upcoming year!
  • Worship committee needs to interact more with people during fellowship
  • Hold worship in the sanctuary/making the gym look more welcoming-starting at our October service, we have been working hard to decorate our space to make it inviting and sacred. Come and check it out at the November 5 service!
  • Try new songs each week
  • Start worship earlier in the evening
  • More visibility in the community
  • Joint events with Outlink
  • Have affirming churches mention CQC during announcements the week before
  • More engagement with the community

People also had ideas for future social events!

  • Pancake breakfast
  • External activities-bowling, coffee house, games night
  • Workshops with other organizations
  • More social activities

In a previous survey, it was determined that people largely would like to get together on Saturday afternoons close to downtown, the SW or the NW (although most people are flexible and willing to travel).

These events are still in the works, so keep an eye on this page!

Overwhelmingly, participants attend United Churches. 1 respondent attends a Lutheran church and 1 respondent said that CQC is their church.


Thanks so much for your feedback!

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  1. Teeya Scholten

    Thanks for a great summary, Kiran. Thanks to those Who put the time and effort into providing feedback. And thanks to the CQC team for making it all happen! 😀

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